Leading the Education Evolution

Global Learning Access (GLA), a partnership-based organization, is dedicated to leading the global education evolution through the training and adoption of innovative teaching and learning solutions worldwide. GLA has created and deployed core programs which blend today’s most relevant digital tools, software, content and apps with an emphasis on technology integration in any learning environment.

Creating the Catalyst for Change

Our products are designed to change the way teachers teach and students learn in classrooms around the world today. Our faculty-led teacher training events blend today’s most relevant digital education tools, software, content and apps to help teachers create their 21st Century classroom. Our current solutions include:


Catalyst      Teacher training program
Sage              Train-the-trainer program
Engage         Online mentoring site

Proof of Concept

In 2013, GLA delivered its pilot program in the Pangasinan region of the Philippines. Through the program, GLA faculty introduced 108 teachers and administrators to relevant, compelling education technology tools, content, software and resources, so that they could  immediately:

  • Train other teachers in their region to impact learning, online and offline
  • Engage i-Gen students
  • Use available online and offline tools and technology
  • Create and deliver a blended approach in their classrooms and schools
  • Inspire creative, adaptive learning/learners today

Because of the commitment of program graduates, the support they received from their administration, and the inspiration gained through the training program, the program cohort completed training and walked into their classrooms day one, excited to share with their students and peers. After that....

Outcome:  To date, the original 108 participants have

  • trained and mentored more than 3,500 teachers in their region on the use of tech tools and content
  • developed, delivered, uploaded and globally shared more than 2,000 projects
  • added EdTech content to their STEM curriculum to more than 700,000 students ... and their students have uploaded and share their own content, stories, and success, in addition to taking their new tech skills into their ongoing education

(Check out videos on our youtube channel.)

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Next Steps...

Please let us know how we can help you with teacher training, professional development for educators, and transforming today's students into lifelong learners.